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Las Vegas Shooting of Homeless Man Raises Excessive Force Concerns

July 19, 2019

Running a successful business in Nevada means investing time, energy, and money. Any shrewd investor knows that it is important to protect the assets one has invested in. In a business context, this can include precautions such as hiring a security firm.

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Fourth of July Fireworks Injuries and Local Laws in Nevada

July 08, 2019

This past Thursday, we celebrated Independence Day. On this date we remember a time when our forefathers declared independence from British rule and embarked on a grand new experiment in democracy. On Thursday, many Americans marked the occasion with family barbecues including hot dogs, watermelon, and corn on the cob. Others attended city-wide parades and community celebrations. Children and adults alike dressed in patriotic hues to commemorate the colors of our nation’s flag. Songs were sung and stories were told. For many, the night ended with fireworks illuminating the night sky.

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Federal Study Reveals Extent of Unreported Elder Abuse

June 28, 2019

The population of the United States is swiftly aging, and with an aging population come concerns about how older individuals will be cared for in their final years. Many older adults need assistance with day-to-day tasks or have specific medical needs that require daily attention. Others find themselves unable to remember who family members are or which daily tasks to complete due to Alzheimer’s disease or other conditions resulting in dementia.

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Health Officials Shutter Las Vegas Daycare

June 18, 2019

Any parent’s worst nightmare is losing a child. For some parents, that means living for years in a constant state of panic and hypervigilance, breathlessly reading articles about cancer risks and choking hazards. For others, the enormity of the potential loss breeds a kind of self-assuring optimism that borders on denial. For most parents, the experience is something in between: staying alert to known health and safety risks, carefully researching car seats and cribs, and trying to “babyproof” and remain alert while running on reduced sleep.

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Late Sierra Snowfall brings Epic Ski Season, Accident Risks

May 28, 2019

For those living in the Northern Nevada area, a strong sense of déjà vu is sweeping the state as residents check their local weather reports. Winter storm warnings were in effect over the past weekend, warning residents to avoid the roads and stay indoors if possible. While this may feel like a story we all expect to hear in late January, few Nevadans expect to be skiing fresh powder on Memorial Day.

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Cinco de Mayo Brings Reverie, Injury Risk

May 09, 2019

This past Sunday marked the unofficial beginning of the summer party season. While Saint Patrick’s Day is a storied “drinking holiday” celebrated with a mix of garish costumes, themed drinks, raucous singing, and general cross-cultural reverie, its timing on the calendar tends to dampen the scale and reach of the associated partying. Falling in mid-March, the holiday comes at varying times for the diverse communities across the country.

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April Fools’ Celebrations and Injuries

April 01, 2019

April is here! With a new month comes the beginning of spring and the return of afternoon sunshine. Christians celebrate the Easter holiday, while Nevadans of Jewish descent sit down with family for the more somber meal of Passover. With the amount of precipitation Nevada has received over the last several months, we can hope to see more April flowers than showers in the next several weeks. However, the beginning of April means more than just holidays and flora. For many, April 1 marks a time-honored tradition involving good-natured pranking.

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The Dark Side of Savings: Black Friday Stampedes

November 22, 2018

As soon as the Thanksgiving turkey has left the table, many Americans turn their focus sharply towards Christmas. Trees are chosen and dressed, decorations are brought down from the attic or in from the garage and dusted off, and many families choose to get an early start on shopping for presents. “Black Friday,” as the day after Thanksgiving has come to be known in the last couple of decades, is a day when many retailers recognize this trend by offering special sales and incentives to shoppers.

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Nevada Slip and Fall Cases: Frequently Asked Questions

August 29, 2017

Even though Benson & Bingham Attorneys at Law handle a large volume of injury auto accident cases, they also handle a large number of cases related to victims who slip and fall. A lot of these slip and fall cases happen at businesses or while visiting casinos or hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. In instances like these, the victim has no way of knowing they are about to fall and often suffer painful injuries as a result of foreign substances on the floor or staff negligence.

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Did you Know: As of March 2019, Benson & Bingham have 113 5-Star reviews for their Downtown Location and 20 5-Star reviews for their Summerlin Location at the Yellow Pages?