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Nevada Pedestrian Accident

Summer Vacation and Distracted Teens

June 24, 2019

It is late June, and summer vacation is in full swing for school-aged children. Younger kids are at home on the couch, kicking a ball around at the playground with friends, diving into summer swimming lessons, or engaging in fun summer-camp activities. Older children need less supervision and may find themselves with a less-structured summertime. While some teens take summer jobs, take classes at local community colleges, or do volunteer work to boost their college applications, others are left to their own devices.

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Las Vegas Cop Avoids Peers’ Dim Fate

March 06, 2019

In Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago a Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) trooper narrowly escaped what could have been a life-altering – or even life-ending – injury when he avoided being struck by an out-of-control car. The near-miss provides a kind of silver lining for an otherwise unsettling story, and it bears an eerie resemblance to a tragedy that unfolded in Las Vegas in January and another recent incident in Reno. First, let us begin with the facts of the recent incident. According to news reports, the trooper was conducting a traffic stop on U.S.

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Pedestrian in Wheelchair Struck, Killed by Bus

February 25, 2019

Pedestrian in Wheelchair Struck, Killed by Bus Earlier this month, while many were enjoying their weekend evenings, a woman in a motorized wheelchair was killed when she was struck by a Regional Transportation Commission bus in North Las Vegas. The incident occurred around 6pm at the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard North and Civic Center Drive. It appears that the woman was crossing the street in the crosswalk when she was struck by the bus and was subsequently trapped under the front left tire of the bus. The woman, who was only 28 years old, died at the scene.

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Halloween Night Raises Concerns for Pedestrian Safety

October 31, 2018

As the end of October approaches, you may have noticed some spooky changes in your neighborhood. Pumpkins are appearing on doorsteps, cotton spiderwebs lace the local greenery, and children are trying on their costumes and masks for size. Families are visiting corn mazes, and kindergartens are taking their yearly field trip to the local pumpkin patch. Halloween is coming, and preparing for this holiday should involve more than stocking up on fun-sized candy bars.There is some debate as to when it is appropriate to begin and cease trick-or-treating.

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In Nevada and Nationally, Pedestrians Miss Benefits of Improved Traffic Safety

August 18, 2018

By some measures, Nevada’s roads are becoming safer over time. Earlier this year, the state Department of Transportation announced that traffic fatalities fell by almost ten percent from 2016 to 2017. [1] That same press release acknowledged that pedestrian and cyclist fatalities both rose in the past year. The number of pedestrian deaths rose by nearly one-quarter while 50 percent more cyclists were killed in traffic accidents on Nevada roads than in the year prior. In this respect, Nevada is mirroring the national trend.

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Pedestrian Killed by Truck in East Las Vegas

February 18, 2018

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department had a tough job this morning, after responding to a gruesome pedestrian accident in the east side of the Las Vegas valley. Pedestrian related car crashes are on the rise in Southern Nevada, and last year was recognized as the deadliest year on record for those who walk on or across Clark County roads.

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Two Teens Hit in a Southern Nevada Pedestrian Accident

January 15, 2018

If you've been following the Benson and Bingham blog, you will know that we recount the personal injury happenings around Las Vegas and showcase what the best course of action is if you've been wrongfully injured. Hint, it starts with medical help from licensed professionals, and ends with finding a qualified, experienced attorney from Clark County like the reputable legal representatives at one of the several Benson and Bingham offices around the city. And many of those personal injury stories are the result of accidents on Clark County roads.

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Pedestrian Hit by Taxi Lucky to Escape Serious Injury

December 12, 2017

For the last several weeks here on the Benson and Bingham blog, it seems like every other post is detailing a terrible accident involving someone walking in or outside a crosswalk and being struck by a car. What's worse, the majority of these serious Southern Nevada pedestrian auto accidents result in the pedestrian (and sometimes car passengers) being hurt or killed in the accident. We've even recounted how some activists in the Las Vegas Valley are trying to create a petition that would encourage legislation to limit the number of Clark County pedestrian deaths every year.

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Pedestrian Fatalities Higher Than Ever in Clark County

November 18, 2017

According to a report published last week by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, last Thursday marks the absolute deadliest year for pedestrians in documented Clark County history. At Benson and Bingham attorneys at law, we outline cases every month of pedestrians being run over or struck by a car in either Las Vegas, Henderson, or Summerlin in Nevada. Much more go undocumented on our blog, both so that we can cover incidences in Clark County of another nature and also so that our blog continues to be diverse in the stories we tell.

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Two Teens Hurt in Las Vegas Pedestrian Auto Accident

August 05, 2017

Two teens were injured in a pedestrian auto accident in the Las Vegas Valley yesterday morning. The teenagers ranged from ages 14 to 15 and were walking west when they were hit by a car. The injury car crash happened right after 5:15 on Friday morning, on the corner of Tropicana Avenue and Durango Drive. It is unclear if the two teens were walking in a crosswalk at the time of the pedestrian accident, but Las Vegas Metro Police Department is investigating all of the details of the injury traffic accident thoroughly.

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