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Nevada Casino Accident

Holiday Season Hotel and Casino Injuries

December 30, 2018

Each holiday season, many look forward to reuniting with family around the Christmas dinner table or toasting old friends on New Year’s Eve. For the lucky few who live close to family, or who are visited by others, preparations for these celebrations may involve simply cleaning house, washing some linens, and checking visitors’ flight information. For the rest of us, the holiday season involves some amount of travel and a couple of nights in a hotel. This year, the American Automobile Association(AAA) forecasted that more than 30% of Americans would be travelling over the holidays.

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MGM Resorts' Move to Preemptively Sue Shooting Victims Under the SAFETY Act

August 02, 2018

October 1st, 2017 will forever live as one of the darkest moments not only in Las Vegas but throughout all of the United States.  As we approach the one year anniversary of the terrible evening which saw gunman Stephen Paddock set up a sniper like set up in his 32nd floor hotel suite at the Mandalay Bay and take aim at the spectators attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival, this post we will discuss the recent actions MGM Resorts' legal team has employed to battle the thousands of lawsuits being filed against them as owners of the Mandalay Bay.Just over a month ago, MGM cited an obscure law t.

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Firefighters Respond to Las Vegas Casino Fire

January 23, 2018

Although many Las Vegas casinos and resorts see a decline in visitors staying and frequenting their locations this time of year, that doesn't mean that the action has died down. The strip may be slow, but that doesn't mean the need for finding a good lawyer who specializes in hotel claims has decreased. There are so many types of accident and injury that can happen on the premises of a Southern Nevada hotel, casino, or resort. Benson and Bingham have worked on many casino related accident and injury cases, and have sued almost every resort on the Las Vegas Strip.

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Most Las Vegas Casinos Aren't Prepared for an Emergency

December 28, 2017

This is the time of year that Las Vegas sees a high number of visitors. Tourists to the Southern Nevada area peak around the celebrations of New Years, a time that the Las Vegas Strip is closed down and every casino and hotel is completely full of reserved rooms. Parties are hosted all over, and the chicest nightclubs and venues have special events that bring in everyone from bachelorette parties to big-name celebrities. This is the very peak of festivities for Clark County businesses, and they prepare for months to make sure all of the details are perfect.

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