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Distracted Driving

Summer Vacation and Distracted Teens

June 24, 2019

It is late June, and summer vacation is in full swing for school-aged children. Younger kids are at home on the couch, kicking a ball around at the playground with friends, diving into summer swimming lessons, or engaging in fun summer-camp activities. Older children need less supervision and may find themselves with a less-structured summertime. While some teens take summer jobs, take classes at local community colleges, or do volunteer work to boost their college applications, others are left to their own devices.

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Latest Distracted Driving Bill Fails to Advance in Nevada Legislature

June 05, 2019

A few months ago, we profiled a bill proposed in the ongoing legislative session that would have handed law enforcement officers responding to the scene of a motor vehicle accident with a new tool to determine which party (or which parties, if multiple drivers are suspected) were using a mobile device in the moments before the crash. The bill was Assembly Bill 200 (known by the shorthand of A.B. 200), and it was among the wave of new bills that washed over Carson City in the early weeks of February as the legislative session kicked off.

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Proposed New Nevada Law Would Help Cops Uncover Distracted Driving

March 14, 2019

Under a new proposed law in Nevada, first responders on the scene of a traffic accident would have a powerful new tool to determine who was at fault and whether negligent or even criminal activity might have been a contributing factor in causing the automobile crash. The bill is working its way through the Nevada Legislature as lawmakers enter their second month of reviewing proposals.

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Oscars Can Add Drama to Roadways

March 03, 2019

Last Sunday millions of households tuned in to watch the 91st Annual Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars. (The “Oscars” nickname derives from the golden statuettes given to winners, though the exact origin of that name is contested. [1]) The broadcast was held on Sunday, February 24, and while many households watched it on a television screen an increasing number of viewers are opting to stream the event online. Last year’s show posted the lowest ratings of all time, and several factors are cited for the decline.

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