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Accident Fatalities

Nevada Traffic Fatalities Down for 2019

August 08, 2019

While events on the international stage have ranged from uncertain to terrifying over the last several weeks, there is some sunny news out of Nevada. According to the Nevada Department of Public Safety, the state saw a nearly 50 percent decline in traffic deaths this June compared to June of 2018. There were 16 fatal car crashes resulting in 16 deaths last month. This figure is down 48 percent from last year. One could say that looking only at a single month each year is prone to yielding variation without a meaningful underlying difference.

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Risks Await Nevada Ski and Snow Buffs

February 18, 2019

This past weekend was Presidents’ Day Weekend, an oddity of the calendar that presents its own unique combination of risks of personal injury. During this late-winter reprieve from the daily grind of the new year, Nevadans eager to hit the slopes may end up getting more than they bargained for. The history of Presidents’ Day is quite fascinating. Many know that it has something to do with the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, two of the nation’s most important presidents. That is true, but the history is even more complicated – and interesting.

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The “Selfie Generation” and Distracted Driving

August 24, 2018

As the so-called Millennial generation enters the mundanity of their 30s and family life, the cohort of people born around the turn of the millennium have taken the world by storm. While this group is referred to quasi-officially as Generation Z, another moniker better captures its essence: the Selfie Generation. Young people presently in their teens to early 20s have never known a world without the Internet and scarcely remember life before the iPhone.

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