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Rear End Auto Accident

The above testimonial is from Edgar Alavez, a rear end car accident victim Benson & Bingham represented.

Rear end accidents account for a large percentage of car wrecks in Nevada. Often times these motor vehicle accidents are the result of a driver’s negligence such as:

  1. Talking on a cell phone
  2. Failing to use due care
  3. Failing to maintain a safe travel distance (tailgating)
  4. Not paying attention to traffic or weather conditions.

Particularly dangerous are the motor vehicle rear end accidents, which take place on our freeways (I-95, I15, I215). Traffic will often bottleneck, thereby causing vehicles to abruptly stop. Those operating commercial vehicles such as semi tractor-trailers, diesels, 18-wheelers, big rigs or other heavy equipment need to leave adequate space between themselves and vehicles traveling in front of them. Accidents involving heavy commercial vehicles often result in horrific injury. To prevent rear end collisions the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles recommends a traveling distance of at least two seconds from the vehicle in front of you. Using this two second scale would significantly reduce tailgating and rear-end automobile accidents.

The Above is an Auto Accident Reconstruction Video of What Happens to a Person in a Low Impact Car Crash. Benson & Bingham Commissioned this for a Client Case.

The Above Video is an Example of Footage from a Rear End Auto Accident we Acquired in Order to Litigate a Client's Case

Contact our firm today if you were injured in a rear end accident. The attorneys at Benson & Bingham will use every resource in their power to ensure you receive the best settlement or judgment possible as well as, perhaps more importantly, the best medical care available in the State of Nevada.