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What is Personal Injury?

The name personal injury is nearly a cliché. An injury to your body is really what personal injury means. It is likely derived from old English common law to injure oneself. In modern times, simply calling it bodily injury would suffice. Personal injury is that classification of tort law specifically dealing with negligence, products liability, and other segments of tort law. It is important to hire a law firm or lawyer that exclusively practices in injury and accident law. Why? Personal injury is a specialty. Lawyers that practice family law understand the case law, statutes, and issues prevalent in that area of law. Similarly, personal injury lawyers understand the law and issues that are unique to injury law. Anyone who hires a law firm that is not a specialist in injury law is getting a jack-of-all-trades-attorney: someone that may understand basic fundamentals of that practice, but does not solely practice it.

With serious cases involving multiple expert witnesses and litigation strategy, it is extremely important to hire a law firm that specializes in accident and injury law. Some firms attempt to do criminal law and injury or family law or other hybrids or combinations of practice. Stick with the firms that specialize. You wouldn’t go to an orthopedic surgeon for your brain tumor would you? No. For the same reasons, you need to choose an attorney carefully.


Experience is key in hiring a professional. Benson & Bingham are personal injury attorneys that only practice injury and accident law, and have a combined 65 years of experience in personal injury law. Doctors fresh out of school must do a residency to refine their skills and specialty. Attorneys must learn this on the job. So beware of attorneys fresh out of school—they are lacking experience in injury law and procedural know how. We are a firm that is dedicated to accident and injury law, and to the victims of these accidents.

Are You Currently Unappy with Your Legal Representation?

If you are currently with another injury attorney and wish to switch, we will gladly take your case without charging any additional fees. Come talk with us.

The pride of Benson and Bingham’s exclusive practice is represented by the selective nature of the cases they choose. Specializing in vehicle injury, wrongful death actions, hotel and casino injury, and medical malpractice cases, both Mr. Benson and Mr. Bingham have narrowed their focus of injury cases.

Annually, with over 12,000 accidents occurring on just I-15 alone, the practice of law on automobile cases in Las Vegas has been increasingly more demanding. When a client hires us, they know they receive the experience and maximum legal power necessary to get the highest possible settlement and or verdict, and they soon realize they have: The Personal Injury Attorney.

While selective, Benson and Bingham offer free-of-charge personal injury consultations to any injury victim. Our law firm will discuss the victims best option during the consultation; in addition, we are prepared to exhaust all insurance policies and collateral sources of income to maximize the greatest potential revenue for our clients, whether in or outside of the Las Vegas, Nevada area.

Between 2004 and 2016, Benson and Bingham settled over $117,000,000 for their clients. Call Benson & Bingham today and schedule a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your case and your rights.

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