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Nevada Personal Injury Law Tips

Nevada Law Tips

  • Dog Bites: Nevada Dog bite law limits exposure of landlords from tenant's animal attacks to recovery only against the tenants not the landlord, thus providing protection to landlords. See: Turpel vs Sayles, 101 Nev. 35,692 p.2d 1290 (1985)

  • Jurisdiction: Nevada has three primary courts for civil actions: Small claims $5,000 and under, Justice Court $10,000 and under, and District Court over $10,000.

  • Landlord / Animal Attacks: Landlords are not responsible for the animal attacks of their tenants under Nevada Case Law. However, if the land lord has previous knowledge that the animal was vicious and did noting (mal-feasance) there may be liability to the homeowner. Call Benson & Bingham for a review of your situation

  • Medical: NRS 41A.035 was adopted to provide protection of medical providers for mal-practice lawsuits capping non-economic damage awards at $350,000 with limited exceptions.

  • Military Law: When you are the victim of an accident resulting from a soldier in one of the military branches, you must follow the proper Federal Procedures for making a claim.

  • Rental Car Insurance: In Nevada, a person can rent a car with, or without, their own automobile policy. The coverage offered by the rent a car company is supplemental to your own policy if you decide to purchase it.

  • Parent / Child: Under NRS 424.085 (2)LIABILITY OF PARENTS AND GUARDIANS FOR MINOR'S ACT OF NEGLIGENCE OR WILLFUL MISCONDUCT RESULTING IN DAMAGE. Parents are not responsible for the acts of the negligent acts of their minor children. For intentional acts, however, the law imputes liability up to $10,000.00 against the parents for each act! The joint and several liability of one or both parents or guardian having custody or control of a minor under this section must not exceed $10,000 for any such act of willful misconduct of the minor." The notion behind this is to instill some responsibility on the parents to be better parents!

  • Parent / Child: Never leave children unattended-especially in the heat of the desert. The law is very clear about unattended children. NRS 202.575 provides: Leaving child unattended in motor vehicle; penalty; exception. 1. A parent, legal guardian or other person responsible for a child who is 7 years of age or younger shall not knowingly and intentionally leave that child in a motor vehicle if: (a) The conditions present a significant risk to the health and safety of the child; or (b) The engine of the motor vehicle is running or the keys to the vehicle are in the ignition, unless the child is being supervised by and within the sight of a person who is at least 12 years of age. 2. A person who violates the provisions of subsection 1 is guilty of a misdemeanor. The court may suspend the proceedings against a person who is charged with violating subsection 1 and dismiss the proceedings

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