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Governmental Actions and State Entities

Personal injury actions against governmental agencies in Nevada are capped at $50,000. These include actions against all State and Municipal agencies.

Covered under this protection are State funded hospitals, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Nevada Highway Patrol, N. Las Vegas Police Department, Henderson Police Department, Clark County Fire Department, County Paramedics, and other governmental entities. Work vehicles, trucks, patrol cars, and service trucks, cause a accidents due to the negligence of the employee drivers. If you have questions regarding whether the cap applies call Benson and Bingham.

Why the cap? The reasons for this go back to ancient English law where the King and Queen were sovereign, and could not be sued. Today, remnants of this ideology persist with most United States’ municipalities having caps to protect the financial structure of a ruling government.

Can the cap be removed? In certain circumstances the answer is yes. Creative lawyers can use Federal Law to preempt State law if a Federal Statute applies. Call Benson & Bingham to address this concern.

Quasi-Governmental Agencies

Other quasi-governmental agencies such as the Las Vegas Valley Water Authority, Nevada Power, Southwest Gas, Sprint Telephone, Mercy Ambulance, McCarran Airports, and other utility companies however are not subject to the cap. As such, if one of the companies listed above has caused a personal injury, call Benson & Bingham today.

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