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Expert Witnesses and Personal Injury Cases

The difference in a quality case and a poor case is not always about the facts. The Attorney's team of experts makes the difference in the Court room. At Benson & Bingham, we hire the most prominent experts in each case that warrants the best. Medical experts, accident reconstruction experts, biomechanical experts, physics experts, forensic economists, vocational experts, and life care planning experts are all needed to properly put a personal injury case together. Attorneys who do not specialize in personal injury do not have the contacts with necessary experts, nor do they have the experience to even know these experts are needed.

Every major injury case should have a physiatrist assigned to the case to opine on necessary treatment of tragically injured victims. These experts can help the jury understand the future medical needs in terms of medication, treatment, future surgeries, and medical equipment. Spine Surgeon experts are utilized frequently as neck and back injuries are the most common car accident injuries. Engineers are utilized when necessary to bring complex cases together.

Under Nevada law, experts must be designated timely to be used at trial. A report must also be filed with the conclusions of the expert based on his investigation. Moreover, it is important to understand that Nevada has adopted the Daubert Standards for experts including a proper investigation, proper techniques, and scientifically testable conclusions. These standards are outlined in the "Hallmark" case Hallmark v. Eldridge, 124 Nev. Adv. Op. No. 48 (published July 24, 2008). The basics can be read on our blog: The Hallmark Standard: Nevada Supreme Court Recognizes Expert Standards of Federal Court Modifying NRS 50.275 and Federal Rule of Evidence 702

When you choose your attorney, make sure they understand the case inside and out, and make sure they practice ONLY personal injury. Ask them their trial record, and ask them how many trials they have had. Ask them if they have ever handled a major injury case. Ask them how many million dollar cases they have handled. Ask them how many multi-million dollar cases. Then verify the information. Make it easy, and contact the experts at Benson & Bingham.

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