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“CCC:” Choose your Counselor Carefully

With all the choices in Las Vegas for accident attorneys, we understand the choice is difficult. You only get one chance at your case, thus you should choose that representative carefully. Always interview multiple attorneys and make your decision based on your gut feeling. Your instinct will direct you to the lawyer who cares the most about your case. Much can be said about the circumstances of the attorney: the office, the staff, the service, the qualifications, the time he/she spends with you, and the overall commitment to your case. Make sure the attorney can handle your matter, answer your questions, and give you clear advice. Advertisements usually don't give the whole picture, so ask your attorney what his skills are and what he specializes in.

In September 2008, the State Bar of Nevada updated rules for advertising go into effect. These rules govern the content of Attorney advertising and give new guidance for lawyers practicing in Nevada. The rules mandate that advertising be prescreened, and approved before airing. Also, they require lawyers to include a biographical fact sheet illustrating all the pertinent facts relating to the lawyers education, experience, associations, specialties and other information including litigation jury and bench trials, and arbitration experience to be available on request. We proudly publish ours! With years of experience, choose Benson & Bingham and feel confident you've hired the best.

Benson & Bingham Handle All Personal Injury and Accident Matters in Nevada

Air traffic Accidents, Tractor Trailer Accidents, Aircraft Accidents, Product Liability Accidents, Auto Accidents, two car accidents, three car accidents, four car accidents, multi-car accidents, Hot Air Balloon Accidents, Scooter accidents, Cross walk accidents, Pedestrian accidents, DUI Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Sporting Accidents, Taxi Accidents, Bridge Accidents, Road Accidents, Highway Accidents, RV Accidents, Bicycle Accidents, Drowning Accidents, Passenger Accidents, Camper Accidents, Slip & Fall Accidents, Trip & Fall Accidents, Stumble Accidents, Ice Machine, Accidents Hotel Accidents, Parking Garage Accidents, Spa Accidents, Premises Accidents, Plane Accidents, Simple accidents, Complex accidents, Bus Accidents, Articulating Bus Accidents, Double Decker Bus Accidents, Big Rig Accidents, Crane Accidents, Rear end Car accidents, front impact accidents, helicopter accidents, red light accidents, freeway accidents, home accidents, golf accidents, tire accidents, Desert Accidents, Gun Accidents, Pistol accidents, rifle accidents, electrocution accidents, DOT accidents, Diesel Engine Accidents, Plane accidents, gasoline engine accidents, hybrid accidents, motor accidents, lawn mower accidents, machinery accidents, power tool accidents, kitchen accidents, tread separation accidents, senseless accidents, T-bone accidents, Nevada Highway Patrol Accidents, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Accidents, Railroad accidents, automotive accidents, handlebar accidents, poison accidents, broken arm accidents, broken leg accidents, back accidents, floor accidents, sidewalk accidents, grease accidents, cooking accidents…we do it all.

Did you Know: As of March 2019, Benson & Bingham have 113 5-Star reviews for their Downtown Location and 20 5-Star reviews for their Summerlin Location at the Yellow Pages?