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Pedestrian Killed by Truck in East Las Vegas

February 18, 2018

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department had a tough job this morning, after responding to a gruesome pedestrian accident in the east side of the Las Vegas valley. Pedestrian related car crashes are on the rise in Southern Nevada, and last year was recognized as the deadliest year on record for those who walk on or across Clark County roads.

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Motorcyclist Killed in Las Vegas Traffic Accident

February 16, 2018

In Las Vegas Nevada, there are many motorcyclists on the road every day. The community of enthusiasts in that region have unparalleled numbers, in part to the dry climate and gorgeous weather 9 months out of the year, and in part due to the proximity to route 66. The Southern Nevada region is an ideal place to enjoy a motorcycle, regardless of if it is a Honda or a Harley Davidson, you can still partake in the picturesque views.

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Elderly Woman Latest Victim of Slip and Fall Injury

February 12, 2018

A slip and fall is something that can happen to anyone at anytime. In Las Vegas there have been so many instances of people having some serious accidents and becoming hurt as the result of someone else's negligence or just common oversight. In terms of the quantity of Southern Nevada accidents that result in injury, a slip and fall incident is the second most common, only second to an injury auto accident on Clark County roads.

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Tragedy over the Grand Canyon as Helicopter Downed during 50+ mph Winds

February 10, 2018

Strong winds in the area of the Grand Canyon, and a perhaps ill advised helicopter flight, turned tragic today as a vessel operated by Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters went down during the gusts.  Six passengers and the pilot were the victims of the crash, with three individuals reported killed, with the other four sustaining various injuries after the crash.It was reported a helicopter form the Air Force Base Nellis was flying in to be of assistance near the Quatermaster Canyon within the Hualapai Nation.  Evidently, the helicopter crashed in the Grand Wash Cliffs on the reservation.  Huala.

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Runner Up Scholarship Essay on Automated Cars and the Future of Driverless Cars in the Legal Community

February 07, 2018

The below essay was from the one of the two runner up prize winners of the First Annual Benson & Bingham Scholarship Contest.  Submitted by Dre’Kevius O. Huff who is currently attending Savannah Law School, we are proud to showcase why attorneys Joseph Benson and Ben Bingham selected Mr. O. Huff as one of the recipient's of the $250 runner-up scholarship awards.  Like Mr. Hernandez's essay, Mr. O.

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Five Las Vegas Locals Displaced Due to Apartment Fire

February 05, 2018

House an residential fires seem to be an especially frequent occurrence in Las Vegas. There is almost a new report by a local news outlet in Southern Nevada discussing the particular details of yet another Clark County residential or casino fire every week, and it's downright alarming. Sometime the apartment fire and explosions happen in Henderson, a township that's directly adjacent to Las Vegas that is to many residents in the area. Sometimes the reports are of a Las Vegas Strip casino fire that endangers local residents and visiting tourists alike.

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Racing Causes Deadly Auto Accident in East Las Vegas

January 31, 2018

There are numerous offenses drivers commit when it comes to injury auto accidents in Clark County. People believe that their actions won't impact others in Las Vegas, Summerlin, or Henderson and they behave as if drunk or reckless driving won't hurt or kill other people on the road. There are countless Southern Nevada injury car crashes where the cause for the accident was completely preventable.

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Newborn Suffers Pediatric Injury at Summerlin Hospital

January 30, 2018

When a child or infant is hurt, it is known in the legal community as a pediatric injury. Thousands of children die every year as the result of injuries in Las Vegas, and all over the world. Whether they are hurt at sporting events, at school, in car accidents, or just by engaging in daily activities, children are particularly susceptible to being hurt due to their small, underdeveloped frame. We've covered many instances of children being hurt while riding home and the Clark County School bus gets in an injury auto accident on Southern Nevada roads.

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Nevada Elderly Abuse is an Ongoing Problem

January 29, 2018

At Benson and Bingham, there is only one goal in sight when providing the best services to their clients battling nursing homes who abused and neglected the elderly in Southern Nevada, providing justice for those who could not defend themselves. The elderly are a vulnerable population who are particularly susceptible to abuse and neglect, simply because they are unable to defend themselves and are often not able bodied enough to seek help on their own.

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Moped Crash Kills Driver in Las Vegas Valley

January 27, 2018

A few days ago a traffic fatality took place in the central part of the Las Vegas Valley. Although this is a frequent occurrence in Clark County, with emergency responders in the area taking calls for assistance all over Southern Nevada and working with injuries from car crashes almost daily, that doesn't make the loss of life any less sad. In this instance, it was a Las Vegas local man who lost his life while driving a motorized scooter, also known as a moped, on a crowded Southern Nevada road.

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