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Victim Seeking Driver in Hit and Run Crash

February 28, 2018
The lawyers at Benson and Bingham will work with local police departments and emergency personnel from time to time to ensure that justice is reached for their clients. As part of those ongoing relationships and in honor of the hardworking police community in Southern Nevada, we would like to implore our readers to help solve a case. The was an incident earlier this week that happened in broad daylight on one of tho most highly populated roads in Las Vegas. There seemed to be several witnesses to the crime that we're detailing, but representatives from the Nevada Highway Patrol are requesting anyone with information to call the designated tips line that has been readily publicized by many local Clark County media outlets, but we'll list it again here if it will help those in our community find peace after being the victim of this particular crime. If anyone in the Las Vegas area would like to contact NHP with any information about this or any type of car crash, call *647 and be as specific as possible in your account. Also, if you see anything suspicious, be sure to report it to any of the law enforcement agencies in either Las Vegas, Henderson, or Summerlin. Who knows, you could be helping a family find the culprit who caused them pain and suffering. Any information, big or small, could help crack this case.

Without much more preamble, we'd like to tell the good folks in our community exactly what happened and where they may be able to fill in the gaps of public knowledge to help one Las Vegas local, and her family, find justice. The Nevada Highway Patrol responded to a reported auto accident in Las Vegas late afternoon yesterday, Tuesday February 27th. The call came in just after 4 in the evening and it didn't take them long to respond to the scene of the crash. Once they arrived to the car wreck, which seemed to have taken place on the 215 Freeway close to the Charleston exit on the South and West side of the Las Vegas valley, they found a motor vehicle flipped over but not obstructing traffic.  The car, a black hatchback of some kind, seemed to have slid and then flipped, indicating that it was struck at high speeds. One person, a female Las Vegas native was able to crawl from her flipped car shaken up and a little traumatized, but without suffering a significant amount of immediately visible injury. According to the news report on the auto accident in Southern Nevada written by the local Fox News station, the young woman was banged up and bruised but not seriously hurt.

Witnesses to the accident say it occurred when another driver, only described as a man in a white Nissan sedan side-swiped the smaller black hatchback going way faster than the speed limit. The driver of the sedan was described by witnesses of the Las Vegas hit and run car crash as being a nondescript Caucasian male in his mid-forties with brown hair. He apparently pulled over only briefly after hitting the other car and causing the 
sideswipe accident because his bumper was dragging. He pulled to the side just long enough to tear the bumper from his car and then resumed his high-speed away from the scene of the crime. Some specifics that may help vigilant community members identify his car are as follows: it was lacking plates with an expired temporary registration and will now be missing it's front bumper. If anyone in the Clark County community spots this car, he is wanted for causing this hit-and-run auto accident. Please call the designated tip line mentioned above with any information you may have.

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