Vacation Injury in Las Vegas Has Long Recovery

December 25, 2013


There has fortunately been improvement in the condition of a young man who was injured while on vacation in Las Vegas some time ago. The young man, a waiter at an upscale restaurant in a winery in Yountville, California (part of the wine country, and very close to Napa), continues to undergo treatment at a specialty facility in the San Francisco Bay Area following the severe injury and traumatic brain injury he sustained in this pedestrian accident in Las Vegas. The young man, 24 years old, was in a coma for a full two months following the accident. He has since regained consciousness, and some ability to walk to speak and progress with getting back to a normal life. He is still in the process of finding his way back to normal life skills, which is not uncommon following these types of terrible injuries. The young man and his expensive rehabilitation and hospital stays has mostly been covered under the insurance of his father. Unfortunately, some of that coverage has begun to run out, after so far totally close to $2 million in treatment, and his friends and family have had to hold fundraisers and depend on the generous gifts of family, friends, and even a number of restaurants around their home town of Napa, California.

We don’t know the intimate details of this crash and terrible vacation injury in Southern Nevada this young man was the victim of. We do know that, if you’re ever in an accident like this, a good lawyer can make all the difference in the world. If the person injured was at fault but is covered under his or her own insurance, or the insurance of a parent, new regulations in the Affordable Care Act (so-called “Obamacare”) may limit an insurance company’s ability to deny benefits or cut you off of care based on lifetime caps. If another person was at fault in total or in part, their insurance can cover all or part of the cost. Even if you or a loved one were injured in Las Vegas on vacation crossing the street illegally or otherwise were partially at fault, if the driver who hit you was speeding or driving drunk in Southern Nevada or any number of other things, they could be partially at fault, meaning their insurance has some duty to help cover the bills.

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