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Two Teens Hit in a Southern Nevada Pedestrian Accident

January 15, 2018
If you've been following the Benson and Bingham blog, you will know that we recount the personal injury happenings around Las Vegas and showcase what the best course of action is if you've been wrongfully injured. Hint, it starts with medical help from licensed professionals, and ends with finding a qualified, experienced attorney from Clark County like the reputable legal representatives at one of the several Benson and Bingham offices around the city. And many of those personal injury stories are the result of accidents on Clark County roads. From hit and run auto accidents, to motorcycle crashes, we've covered it all. Unfortunately, there seems to be one type of accident that has been a constant occurrence in Southern Nevada. And, unfortunately for everyone involved, the consequences of this type of motor vehicle crash are often deadly. More often than not, when a car hits a person walking along or across the road in Las Vegas, Henderson, or Summerlin, it is almost always considered a serious injury or a traffic fatality. In late December of the year 2017, they announced that it was the deadliest year on record for pedestrians in Southern Nevada. In part, that was due to underdeveloped walkways and poor lighting on major roads, leading to poor visibility and many pedestrians being hit because drivers couldn't see them until there wasn't enough time to change their trajectory. Sometimes, though, the reasons pedestrians are hurt or killed in Las Vegas is harder to understand. That 's true in this most recent case of yet another pedestrian who lost their life while walking along the road in Southern Nevada.

This last week, on Tuesday, a strange happening led to the death of a teenage boy. The Las Vegas auto-pedestrian accident took place in the afternoon, just after 2 pm. Two teen boys, both around the age of 14 years old were walking home from school. They were traveling north, on a major road that runs along North Las Vegas. The road would be really recognizable to all of our Las Vegas local readers, as it's a major thoroughfare on that side of town. The young men were walking alongside the road on Centennial Parkway close to the corner of 5th street when the unthinkable happened. A man, driving a sedan and also traveling down Centennial Parkway going north swerved off the road and hit the pair of boys. Both teens were hurt severely in the accident, and had to be rushed to University Medical Center in critical condition. One of the 14 year old boys, later identified by a representative from the Clark County Coroners Office as Elijah Coggins, died a short time after arriving at the hospital to be treated for his wounds incurred in the accident. When officers from the North Las Vegas Police Department arrived to the scene of the pedestrian accident in Clark County, they found the driver still there. Representatives told reporters that he is cooperating with police but was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs when the traffic fatality occurred. This busy intersection was shut down for several hours while the North Las Vegas Police conducted an investigation of the scene.  It is still unclear why the driver swerved off the road and hit the two boys as they walked home, although rainy or foggy weather has been suggested to have played a role. The investigation of this Southern Nevada pedestrian death is ongoing.

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