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Tips to Avoid Fire Hazards for Las Vegas Residents This Christmas

December 19, 2017
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The countdown is on for Christmas, and the other winter holidays are upcoming or are already here (I'm looking at you Hanukkah)! The gifts are bought and wrapped, the lights are up on the outside of the house, the tree is adding a festive flair to your home and topped with an angel or a star, depending on what camp you fall into, plans for a big Christmas dinner have been decided, and the stockings are hung by the fire with care. Emphasis on the "with care" part because there are dangers that are best avoided this holiday season, and throughout the year. One of these hazards that many don't think about it the likelihood of a house or property fire in your Las Vegas home. Many Hanukkah and Christmas traditions hinge on decor that is very flammable. If you're not careful, instead of being toasty and warm by the fire on Christmas Eve, you may be calling the fire department because that pair of stockings became a pile of woolen kindling that started a blaze in your house. Because we want all of our readers to be safe and warm for this holiday season, we thought we'd outline some basic fire prevention tips to ensure that you don't end up as one of the many burn injury victims in Southern Nevada that we end up representing. We love our clients, and believe that we provide the very best services to everyone who tragedy befalls, but we also want the friends of Benson and Bingham law firm to avoid injury and peril if possible.

Many of the tips to avoid a Clark County house fire incident over winter break are common sense, and as such, we'll simply pose some reminders to keep everything holly and jolly. The first thing to remember is that, no matter how pretty or festive your holiday decor is, it can still provide a safety hazard. The first thing to consider is where you decide to place your Christmas tree inside your home. Be sure to keep it away from any fireplaces, heaters, candles, or stoves. A real Christmas tree is extremely flammable and will ignite really easily. It has also been a particularly dry year for Southern Nevada and Las Vegas, so a Christmas tree fire could be especially disastrous in the region we call home. Make sure your tree is well-watered and has been mounted effectively for safety. A tree well-placed is no good if your Nevada home fire starts from a tree toppling into a heat source that's several feet away. Same goes for watering. A moist tree is a happy tree, a dry tree is a hazardous tree that has a higher chance of creating property damage caused by fire in Las Vegas. The next offender regarding holiday hazards is Christmas lights. When you're putting up these festive twinkling signs of the season, there are several things that you should be wary of. Never leave lights on overnight or unattended, if you're going out for hot coco or for some last minute holiday shopping, turn your Christmas lights off before you go. Never use lights where the plug or extension cord is damaged or frayed, that's likely to cause a Southern Nevada electrical fire. When stringing lights to an extension cord, do not overload the extension cord. This can cause sparks, which we all know lead to house fires in Henderson, Summerlin, Las Vegas, and cities around the world. 

Regardless of if you're a jolly holiday lover or a grim grinch, everyone can agree that burn injuries are painful and house fires can be traumatic and expensive. If you, your family, or friends experience a house fire in Clark County this holiday season, the best thing to do is talk to a lawyer who cares about your wellbeing and understands the complex laws surrounding property liability. Benson and Bingham are the local Las Vegas law firm who do just that. After the devastation of a fire in your home, it's hard to know where to turn. Turn to Benson and Bingham, and they'll work with you to understand the details of your case and your best course of action. 

Did you Know: Between 2004 and 2018, Benson and Bingham settled over $127,000,000 for their clients.