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Semi Truck Crashes near Las Vegas

February 20, 2018
There seems to be a new injury auto  accident each day in Southern Nevada, with varied results. Some car crashes happen, and both parties are able to walk away completely unscathed. There are incidences involving only one car in Clark County, where the driver is the only person who has to suffer the injury or damage related to the motor vehicle wreck. Then there are accidents involving motorcycles, where the motorcyclist is usually injured severely, and their motorcycle (regardless of the make and model) could be damaged beyond repair. And that's usually the less severe way those types of injury accidents in Las Vegas go. Then, there can be car crashes that hit or run over pedestrians, almost always causing serious injuries that require months of medical treatment and costly medical bills from receiving that much needed care, to death. Clark County just has it's deadliest year on record in 2017 for pedestrian traffic fatalities, and the first months of 2018 aren't looking good to decrease that tragic number count.

Then, there are car wrecks that are related to busses, either a crash involving a citifare bus, a Clark County School District bus, or a tour bus taking visitors to the Las Vegas valley from one glamorous attraction to another. These types of auto accidents tend to be damaging for the car and sometimes cause injury to the driver, but the bus and it's passengers usually make it out of the altercation alive and with limited injuries that resulted from the wreck. Last, the big vehicles that criss-cross the United States of America and run the roads in Las Vegas. In most circumstances that a car finds itself engaged in an accident with a semi-truck or eighteen-wheeler, the car and it's driver and passengers suffer greatly. In fact, if there's a semi truck injury accident in Las Vegas, it's almost guaranteed that the person who was driving the car it crashed with was either hurt or killed in the accident.

In the most recent incident reported on local Las Vegas news channels of a semi truck getting into an auto related accident, the results weren't pretty to say the least. This particular commercial truck was a tractor trailer. It was driving in an area in Southern California not too far from Las Vegas and the expanses of highway that bisect the beautiful Southern Nevada desert. Which means, this type of accident is close to home both figuratively and quite literally. The commercial truck was a cement pumping truck, to be more specific. It was driving in a town east of Los Angeles, between LA and Las Vegas on the Interstate 10 freeway when something happened and the truck lost control. It careened directly into the cement divider and plowed right through it, driving directly into oncoming traffic going the opposite direction. At least 6 other vehicles were involved in this particular semi truck collision. The other motor vehicles that got into this accident included several cars, a trash hauling truck, and a motorcycle. According to witnesses on the scene, the commercial truck itself and three other motor vehicles caught on fire. The latest reports say that at least five people have died as a result of this semi truck car crash, and others are undoubtably injured. The half-dozen cars, trucks, and motorcycle created a complete roadblock for eastbound traffic causing a traffic jam that stretched miles. It's unclear is drugs, alcohol, or the sheer speed the semi was going caused this particular fiery car crash.

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