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Semi-Truck Crash Blocks Traffic on Las Vegas Boulevard

January 20, 2018
As Las Vegas has continued to grow and expand over the last several decades, the types of vehicles entering and exiting the city at all hours of day has changed. The once relatively isolated communities were broken up by wide expanses of desert, and narrow dirt roads punctuated that desert to allow for commuter between neighborhoods to traverse this wild west scene. As southern Nevada developed into what it is today, a world class destination with a large and diverse community, it also stretched in size and infrastructure to accommodate this population growth. Soon, the desert landscape was dotted with suburbs, stores, and schools. All erected to provide needed resources to the growing number of families who called Las Vegas, Henderson, or Summerlin their home.  The Las Vegas strip continued to grow and expand too, with Las Vegas casino and resorts becoming monoliths to the tourist industry, great giants of glamour and fun. They grew until they were larger than life, and attracted visitors from far and wide to try their luck and have the Las Vegas experience. Shuttle busses, taxis, and limos can all be seen gracing Clark County roads. The congestion on Las Vegas Boulevard is almost unbearable during peak visiting hours, where traffic will come to a grinding halt and lock in everyone unlucky enough to be on the iconic strip of road.  Sometimes, this traffic is due to accidents. Sometimes, it's due to too many visitors and massive semi-trucks clogging up the strip. In some cases, those two things combine to shut down the strip completely- making it impossible to access directly for several hours. This was the case last week, when a commercial semi-truck accident blocked Las Vegas Boulevard.

This last week, relatively early on Thursday morning, an accident happened that caused traffic to cease just south of the Las Vegas strip. The Las Vegas Metro Police Department were called to the scene of a southern Nevada traffic accident. When officers from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department arrived, they found an alarming sight waiting for them near the intersection of Russel Road. A semitrailer had lost control after engaging in a traffic incident and had flipped over onto it's side. It's still unclear from multiple reports what the cause was of the Las Vegas semi truck crash, but it must have been something serious because the Clark County semi trailer auto accident caused the entire 18 wheeler to flip onto it's side, blocking traffic in southbound lanes on Las Vegas Boulevard in the process. The semi truck car wreck in Southern Nevada officially was called in just before 7:30 in the morning on Thursday, and the Las Vegas Metro Police Department continued to try and remedy the situation and conduct a comprehensive investigation all morning long. The southbound lanes of Las Vegas Boulevard were not reopened again until just after 12 in the afternoon that day, meaning that the Las Vegas commercial trailer accident closed the road for over four hours.

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