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Road Rage Kills Las Vegas Driver in Head-On Collision

October 09, 2017
Yet another tragic loss of life occurred on Las Vegas roadways this weekend. This fatal traffic accident, though, could have been prevented. The Southern Nevada car crash took place on Sunday just before 1 in the afternoon and resulted in the death of at least one person involved. The Nevada Highway Patrol is doing extensive investigations into the driver's death and the auto accident, but they have told reporters that they believe the crash to be the result of road rage.  The representative from Nevada Highway Patrol, Officer Chelsea Stuenkel, told the reporters from the local newspaper, the Las Vegas Sun, that the driver of a silver Mini Cooper died after being struck in a head-on collision on Clark County roadways. The road rage incident caused the serious traffic fatality just outside of Moapa on Interstate I-15.

At about 12:50 PM, a silver Jeep was driving in the southbound lane on the I-15. According to Officer Stuenkel, the silver Jeep tried to pass a black BMW on the left shoulder in a fit of rage. Then, as the Jeep sped up and was attempting to pass the BMW, it lost control just past mile marker 93. The jeep then swerved and clipped the BMW on the left side, spun out, and ended facing oncoming traffic in the northbound lane. It was after this reckless turn of events that the Jeep collided head-on a the silver Mini Cooper, killing the driver on impact. The driver of the mini cooper was an adult male, and was pronounced dead at the scene by NHP of this fatal Las Vegas auto accident. The man driving the Jeep was seriously injured in the car wreck and had to be taken to University Medical Center in Las Vegas. There was one additional car that crashed due to the initial accident. The car engaged in a Southern Nevada injury accident was a silver Nissan Pathfinder, and both people in the car had to be taken to University Medical Center as well. Those injured people were a Las Vegas local man and woman. This fatality and injury traffic accident closed all northbound lanes on I-15 on Sunday afternoon. Although the Nevada Highway Patrol investigation is ongoing, it's really unfortunate that this traffic fatality and multiple injuries could have been prevented by drivers engaging in safe driving practices.

Head-on car crashes in Las Vegas happen when two car front ends collied. Frequently with this type of accident, the consequences are serious for drivers and passengers in the cars. In this case, the consequences were deadly. Head-on auto accidents most often happen on two-lane highways, where speeds are high and there's little to no divider between lanes of oncoming traffic. These conditions can be the most dangerous, and the possibility of injury or death is only increased by reckless driving, like road rage. Luckily, Benson and Bingham attorneys at law have handled many cases for Las Vegas injury car crash victims, and know the best steps to take. If you or someone you care about has been hurt in a head-on collision or an injury accident because road rage, Benson and Bingham can help you get the compensation you deserve. Call us today to receive a free consultation for your case, and we'll work with you compassionately and tirelessly to make sure get the best representation possible.