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North Las Vegas Rollover Car Crash Injures Two

December 26, 2017
When a car is involved in a rollover car crash, usually the driver and passengers suffer serious consequences. The number of rollover motor vehicle accidents in the Las Vegas valley are growing, and people frequenting roads in Clark County should be on high alert not to be involved in this particular type of Southern Nevada injury auto accidents. An incident like this can be especially detrimental for those who end up getting into a serious injury car crash or traffic fatality on one of the biggest holidays of the year, Christmas Day. This day is supposed to be about family and togetherness, but can ultimately devolve into a day of loss for some families of those who get hurt or killed while driving in Las Vegas, Henderson, or Summerlin. Benson and Bingham work year round to represent these families in their times of need, and want to lend a helping hand to anyone who has been hurt while driving or riding as a passenger over this holiday season.

In the most recent report of a Las Vegas rollover accident, it wasn't only one car that ended up flipping over while involved in the crash. In this particular incident, both of the vehicles involved in the altercation ended up turning upside down and both cars' occupants suffered greatly because of it. According to a news report with the Las Vegas Sun, emergency crews responded to reports on an accident in North Las Vegas the evening of Christmas, or for our friends who don't celebrate the holiday,  the evening of Monday, December 25th. When emergency responders arrived at the scene, they found not one, but two car involved in the injury rollover car crash in North Las Vegas. The serious auto accident seems to have taken place just before 8pm, well after sundown. The closest cross streets to this Nevada motor vehicle crash were Cheyanne Avenue and Simmons street on the north side of the Las Vegas valley. The Las Vegas Metro Police Department reported that emergency medical crews were forced to pull the individuals in the accident from their overturned cars, and that everyone involved in the accident were hurt pretty bad. Two people in this rollover car wreck were taken to the hospital, University Medical Center, to be treated for the injuries they sustained in the crash. Both people are reported to be in stable but serious condition. The North Las Vegas rollover injury accident closed down the intersection at Cheyanne and Simmons for several hours while representatives from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department investigated the details of the crash thoroughly. 

At this time, other details of the accident have not been reported. Therefor, it's unclear if either of the vehicles connected to this injury crash is a Ford Explorer, which are known for flipping during any type of collision. Benson and Bingham attorneys at law have worked with numerous victims of rollover auto accidents, and have specifically litigated many Nevada Ford Explorer rollovers and safety concerns related to this defective car make and model. Hundreds of deaths in the United States have been caused by a faulty design of the Ford Explorer, which the Ford company is well aware of. Unfortunately, the engineers at Ford didn't work to design a propensity for rollover out of their new SUV design, and the company is now recognized for creating faulty, dangerous products that cary great liability. If either of these people involved in the accident on Christmas were driving a Ford SUV at the time, there's a good possibility that more than reckless driving was at play for causing the rollover and subsequent injury. If you, or a loved one is involved in a serious rollover injury accident in Southern Nevada, whether a Ford is involved or not, call Benson and Bingham to get the very best legal representation. They've worked on hundreds of cases just like yours, and are ready to take care of you in your time of need.

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