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Newborn Suffers Pediatric Injury at Summerlin Hospital

January 30, 2018
When a child or infant is hurt, it is known in the legal community as a pediatric injury. Thousands of children die every year as the result of injuries in Las Vegas, and all over the world. Whether they are hurt at sporting events, at school, in car accidents, or just by engaging in daily activities, children are particularly susceptible to being hurt due to their small, underdeveloped frame. We've covered many instances of children being hurt while riding home and the Clark County School bus gets in an injury auto accident on Southern Nevada roads. There have also been many reports of children and teens being struck or run over by a car while walking down the street in Las Vegas, Summerlin, or Henderson and becoming a Clark County pedestrian traffic fatality. Nevada has many things to offer families with children, but it can be an unsafe place, rife with possibility for injury and death. In the most recent case of pediatric injury in Las Vegas, a woman who just gave birth noticed that her infant was injured during the time they were both being treated by medical staff.

Adrianna Coon had just given birth to a newborn son at Summerlin Hospital when the unthinkable happened to her tiny baby. Staff including a nurse and a manager from Summerlin Hospital approached the new mother to inform her of her son's injury, a 2 inch cut deep on her newborn's leg. Without giving the new mom any of the details on how the Summerlin pediatric injury happened to her son, they began to question her, asking her several unneeded questions while trying to pin the blame for her child's injury on her.  They asked Coon questions like, were you wearing jewelry (while holding your baby)? Did you have anything sharp? The new mom answered everything with a consistent no. Then they told her that the baby would need a gauze bandage on his leg, and would have the wound treated in the hospital. That day, Adrianna Coon was nursing her newborn son when he moved his leg and the gauze slipped down exposing the injury. When talking about the events in the hospital, the Las Vegas local mom describes seeing the gash on her newborn baby's leg as "heartbreaking". The new mother is furious and demands answers about what happened to her child and why there has been no formal explanation provided by the hospital. But the trauma didn't stop there. After the Las Vegas local mother returned home with her injured infant to her other two children, both boys, it wasn't long before she heard a knock on her front door. It was CPS, coming to investigate the incident and review the living situation for Coon's other sons. Child Protective Services of Southern Nevada asked the new mother about the welfare of her children, what their living situation was like, and tried to evaluate if the children were safe in their mother's care. Now Adrianna Coon was furious. Summerlin Hospital did release a statement about the recent events surrounding the Southern Nevada child injured in their care, offering their deepest apologies and regret that the incident occurred. They insisted that they administered the proper medical care to the baby and are conducting a full investigation into the details of the pediatric injury that took place on their hospital grounds.

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