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Nevada Elderly Abuse is an Ongoing Problem

January 29, 2018
At Benson and Bingham, there is only one goal in sight when providing the best services to their clients battling nursing homes who abused and neglected the elderly in Southern Nevada, providing justice for those who could not defend themselves. The elderly are a vulnerable population who are particularly susceptible to abuse and neglect, simply because they are unable to defend themselves and are often not able bodied enough to seek help on their own. The news cycle constantly has stories of individuals in nursing homes, hospitals, and assisted living center who did not receive proper care or oversight by staff. Most often, there are reports of individuals suffering from bed sores, because they are unable to feel or move unassisted, and develop them when not treated properly by medical staff or patient support staff. There also seems to be a prevalence of slip and falls, where an elderly person will injure themselves after attempting to get out of be without help or while trying to do even simple tasks like putting on their socks. In more extreme cases of Las Vegas elderly negligence and abuse, there are reports of wrongful death, because someone who was helpless was unintentionally or intentionally endangered and ends up losing their life as a result of their injuries.  

Just last month, a serious report of a situation surrounding the injury of an elderly patient at a nursing home in Florida drew attention to this ongoing issue. An 86-year old resident was beaten for nearly two minutes by a 56-year old resident while he lay on the ground defenseless. According to reports from police, the man who was injured was struck more than 50 times, primarily in his face and torso. While reviewing the video of this gruesome occurrence, the 56-year old resident who is doing the attacking seems to believe the man he's attacking ate his cupcake. The 86-year old man is reported to have dementia. This attack was able to happen because there was no staff member present in the room during this time and it took them several minutes to respond after the 86-year old nursing home resident was attacked. The elderly resident was hospitalized from his injuries sustained in the assault, which primarily consisted of bruising of the face and chest, and pain in his hips.  A month after this terrible beating, a woman fell and hit her head at the same facility but wasn't immediately taken t the hospital. She later died from the nursing home negligence. The manager of the assisted living home later broke down and cried to police, admitting to being overwhelmed and to being short staffed with poorly trained employees. Incidences like these make experts question whether it's safe for the elderly to live in assisted living and retirement communities. Families of elderly patients who suffer abuse or neglect don't deserve to have this type of disturbing violence happening to their loved ones. Benson and Bingham are here to fight for their rights.

If someone in your family has suffered at the hands of staff at an assisted living or nursing home in Southern Nevada, get yourself an experienced attorney who will fight tooth and nail to get you the best outcome for your case. Benson and Bingham take cases of elderly abuse and neglect very seriously, and will provide compassionate, capable representation to you and your loved ones. Work with a lawyer who's made it their person mission to right these wrongs, like those working at Benson and Bingham. The nursing homes of Clark County need to be held accountable for the terrible things they do to seniors. Contact Benson and Bingham for your free consultation, and to take action against those who have neglected or abused the people that matter most. 


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