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Mother and Child Survive Head On DUI Crash

January 25, 2018
It's sad but it's true, Las Vegas has an abnormally high rate of accidents happening as a result of someone driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Drinking is a 24-hour pastime in Southern Nevada, and it seems that even harsher penalties don't act as that big of a deterrent for those who get drunk and then choose to endanger everyone else on the road because they also chose to drive.  There are an unlimited number of choices when deciding where to grab a drink in Las Vegas, Henderson, and Summerlin, and because of that, no roads are completely safe. Many visitors may not know this, but there is no mandated "last call" in Nevada, and so many establishments will continue to serve patrons alcoholic beverages at all hours of the day or night. Unfortunately for tourists, what happens in Sin City doesn't always stay there. If you drive drunk in Clark County, it could have real consequences on your everyday life. Las Vegas DUI car crashes are a serious offense, not just with regards to criminality, but because countless people are hurt or killed after someone gets behind the wheel of a car while they are impaired. Seriously, now that Clark County has total access to public transportation, taxis, and rideshare services like those provided by Lyft and Uber, impaired drivers have no excuse for why they decided to do something incredibly reckless and potential hurt or kill another person because they decided not to do the right and legal thing.

Earlier this year, a DUI auto accident took place in North Las Vegas. It was early on a Wednesday in the first week of the month, just after 1:30 in the morning. Two vehicles, both pickup trucks, are driving towards each other on a well-traveled street on the north side of the Las Vegas valley. The street, Lake Mead Boulevard is two lanes in this section, with the closest cross street being Statz Street. Suddenly, there is a head on collision, when one of the pickup trucks goes over the center medium and directly into oncoming traffic. The Las Vegas DUI head-on crash was serious, and no one involved walked away completely unscathed. One man, a 24-year old Las Vegas local, is believed to have caused the accident. He was driving while intoxicated, and had failed to fasten his seatbelt when he engaged in the reckless behavior of driving drunk. He suffered severe injuries, and is reported to have been driving particularly fast. The North Las Vegas Police Department responded to the Clark County DUI car wreck, and rushed the man to University Medical Center in critical condition. Unfortunately, the man involved in this DUI related auto accident in Nevada didn't make it. He later died at the hospital. The other pickup was carrying a 22 year old woman and her 1 year old child. They also needed to be rushed to the hospital to be treated for their injuries, but we're happy to report, they have survived the DUI truck accident and are recovering from being hurt in the crash.

Driving under the influence is never a good idea. If you or a loved one has been hurt by someone who risked their and your life by drinking and driving, you need to find an aggressive attorney who will advocate for your best interests. Benson and Bingham have been recognized as the best DUI accident lawyers in Las Vegas, and will fight tooth and nail to make sure you get everything you deserve after someone chooses to endanger you on the road. Don't let a drunk driver get away with this life-threatening behavior. Get your case established with Benson and Bingham and start the path toward receiving all of the compensation you're entitled to, and embark on the long road to recovery.


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