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Man Killed in Las Vegas RTC Bus Crash

January 11, 2018
Sometimes, public transportation is just another way to get in an injury auto accident on Las Vegas roads. Many people, Southern Nevada locals and tourists alike rely on the network of busses, taxis, Lyft and Uber rides to cross the large city that would be otherwise impenetrable without some sort of vehicle to help. If you've read any of our other posts, you have probably seen how unfriendly and challenging Clark County can be for pedestrians, bicyclists, moped riders, or motor cycle enthusiasts. And when things aren't merely unfriendly for these subsets of people utilizing the Nevada public roads, it can be downright dangerous or even deadly. So it's no surprise that many people opt to take public transportation. What is a surprise is how often even these standards of reliability often have motor vehicle crashes of their own, often with riders on board and potentially multiple cars involved. Frequently, the busses that are getting into traffic accidents are part of the Clark County School District school bus fleet and have children on board. This particular situation, the one that happened just yesterday, was not a serious injury accident in Southern Nevada that involved a school bus or kids. Instead, the bus involved was a part of the public transportation sector that spans from Henderson to Summerlin and North Las Vegas, and ferries passengers from one side of the vast Las Vegas Valley to the other.

As we mentioned in the end of the paragraph above, this serious Nevada traffic injury accident and fatality happened just yesterday, on the evening of Wednesday in early January of 2018. Officers from the Nevada Highway Patrol Department ware called in to investigate the scene of the Southern Nevada traffic accident, sometime just after 10 in the evening. The accident seemed to have involved a double-decker RTC bus, which was carrying passengers at the time of the accident, and a single motor vehicle. The Las Vegas RTC bus accident happened when the person driving the car, identified as a man, drove straight into the back of the bus, causing the wreck to take place. A Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper named Jason Buratczuk acted as the representative to reporters at the site of the RTC bus death in Clark County, and assured everyone that none of the passengers of the 11 that the RTC bus was carrying were hurt in the serious car crash. The man operating the motor vehicle, however, was not so lucky. According to Nevada Highway Patrol Officer Buratczuk, the RTC bus was stopped at a red light when the man driving the car failed to stop and rear ended the larger vehicle. The man, a 31 year old who has yet to be identified by authorities, was not wearing his seatbelt. It has also been suggested that he may have been driving impaired, either under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The Nevada injury auto accident and fatality took place on Flamingo Road, close to where it connects to Highway 95 in the central part of the Las Vegas Valley. The investigation closed this major Clark County intersection for several hours, with authorities only able to open it back up after 2 in the morning on Thursday. The cause of the Las Vegas injury car wreck is still being determined, but it's a very likely possibility that this was a DUI accident.

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