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Man Identified in North Las Vegas Motorcycle Crash

January 06, 2018
It's the start of 2018, and the Nevada Highway Patrol have already investigated multiple accidents on Clark County roads. And, it's very sad to say, but unfortunately some of those accidents have been traffic fatalities where one or more of the people involved were killed in the Las Vegas motor vehicle crash. One of these cases, that we'll go on to detail in the next paragraph, involved a vulnerable group of enthusiasts that are frequently hurt or killed while riding in Southern Nevada. If you guess that this group was made up of motorcycle enthusiasts, you'd have guess right! Las Vegas has hundreds of motorcyclists, from those who love Harley Davidson, to those who would choose a Honda, and everything in between. Clark County sees motorcyclists by the thousands each year, in part because of the dry climate and frequent sunshine filled days. In fact, the people who love motorcycles in Nevada range among all ages. Unfortunately, motorcyclist tend to also be some of the most injured or killed victims in Nevada auto accidents, and make up a large portion of the Clark County traffic fatality ratio each year.

This North Las Vegas motorcycle accident is an example of the dangers of riding in Clark County. Let me paint you a picture: it's just days after New Years Eve. Some of the first of 2018. The weather is beautiful, a little cooler than Las Vegas usually sees but absolutely perfect for riding your motorcycle. An older man, and longtime motorcycle enthusiast, decides to pull out and go for a ride on his 2016 Harley Davidson motorcycle. He starts slow, working his way up the southbound lane of  Nevada state Route 160, enjoying the 360 view and the sun on his back.  He exhales, feeling relaxed, when the sun glints or a rabbit crosses the road, or he hits a pothole. The cause doesn't matter, but the victim of the Clark County motorcycle accident loses control of his bike and crashes. It's a terrible crash, and he's the only one involved. It takes a while for someone to see the serious motorcycle injury accident because the road is West Las Vegas, close to Blue Diamond. When the Nevada Highway Patrol are called to the scene and start their investigation, it's clear that the Southern Nevada motorcyclist lost his life in the accident. He's pronounced dead on the scene by a representative of Nevada Highway Patrol and taken to the county coroner for a comprehensive examination. Just yesterday, the Clark County Coroners Office has identified the Las Vegas motorcycle fatality victim as James Walker, a 62 year old Las Vegas local. This motorcycle accident and death was the first crash investigated by Nevada Highway Patrol in 2018.

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