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Las Vegas vehicle death from SpeedVegas crash lawsuit settles

April 26, 2017

Recently we wrote about settlements in Nevada personal injury lawsuits, this blog will be about settlements as well but this time, however, it is Las Vegas vehicle death and even worker’s comp. We went a little too ploddingly in the last blog, so we will not make the same mistake twice and bury the lede like we did in that one. To wit, the case we are talking about is related to the SpeedVegas vehicle death that happened not too long ago. If you already know about that case from our discussions of it or really anywhere, skip on ahead to the next graph. SpeedVegas is a basically an amusement park for car guys. They have any number of fancy and fast cars on hand, and you get to drive one with a professional driving instructor on their closed race track, and go as fast as you can. On February 12 of this year, a driver and a tourist on vacation was killed in a Las Vegas vehicle death on the course.  Now the party involved in the lawsuit we are writing about today were not, it should be said, anyone related, as far as we know, to the deceased individuals in that Las Vegas vehicle death. More on that topic in a sec. In terms of the crash and the cause of it, not a lot is known yet. The deaths remain under investigation by the Nevada Office of Safety and Health Administration. It is under review by that particular agency because the Las Vegas vehicle deaths were in this case classified at the moment as an industrial accident. For the SpeedVegas employee who was in the car, there is also a Las Vegas worker’s comp angle to it since his death was on the job. That driving instructor was an individual named Gil Ben-Kely. The tourist killed in the Las Vegas vehicle crash was Craig Sherwood, a Canadian. This story of a settlement is not the one related to the Las Vegas vehicle death itself, but from another employment issue related to it. No matter how complicated the case, no matter how many different angles it has to it, Benson & Bingham have some of the best Las Vegas vehicle death case lawyers around. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your Las Vegas vehicle death, crash, or injury case.

So what is this case and the settlement about? Apparently, the track asked something of its staff that one of them was not willing to do. While on the one hand the operators of SpeedVegas did reportedly offer staff things like a 60 day leave following the deadly crash at their Las Vegas site, they also needed something, or required it, really. The employees were told to sign a paper saying that SpeedVegas had taken all precautions available to make sure that everyone from staff to patrons were safe. This did not sit well with one employee, a Francisco Durban by name and a driving instructor at the course by association, so he refused to sign. He further took issue with the track continuing to operate without taking even further measures to ensure guest and worker safety to prevent Las Vegas worker’s comp injury or death as well as client. He even went so far as to request a court make that an official ruling. The case was settled with undisclosed terms, as so many are. If you want to walk away with a great settlement you need some of the best Las Vegas vehicle crash and death lawyers around. Benson & Bingham are here to meet with you for a free consultation, and represent if you have a claim to pursue. Contact Benson & Bingham today to get started moving toward a settlement and compensation for your injuries or loss of a loved one.