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Injury from Las Vegas Apartment Fire

May 15, 2017

One person is in critical condition following a southeast Las Vegas apartment fire, and another was less seriously injured. The fire took place much earlier today, on East Harmon Ave near the Boulder Highway. Clark County Fire Department officials indicated that they were called to the fire about a quarter before five this morning. The specific location of the fire, per the fire department and recent news reports on the Las Vegas area apartment fire, was at 5421 East Harmon Ave. The news article, through a map embedded in their story, places this as the Canyon Pointe Apartment Homes. A Google search and personal knowledge of the area confirm this. The reviews on Yelp of where this Las Vegas apartment fire and injury took place are significantly and overwhelmingly negative, for what it is worth.

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Not much more is so far known about this Las Vegas apartment fire and burn injury incident. Smoke and flames were reportedly visible in a second story window or coming from the second story when fire department officials arrived. The person who was brought to the hospital in critical condition was found unconscious and unresponsive when crews searched the apartment. The only other person reportedly injured in this Las Vegas apartment fire received only minor injuries. They were treated at the scene, but then also brought to the hospital sometime after that.

One thing that caught our eye as we here at Benson & Bingham read through those yelp reviews is that one person mentioned previous fires, injuries, and even death from a fire at this Las Vegas apartment complex. This is the kind of thing that top fire injury attorneys in Las Vegas would look for in a civil case, a history of negligence or obliviousness to known fire hazards on the premises. And certainly, it would go beyond looking at Yelp reviews! But those are the equivalent of modern day leads that we would follow to turn over every stone in our mission to provide you with the best lawyer and service for a Las Vegas apartment fire and injury. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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