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How to Make Getting Nevada Workers Compensation Less Painful

August 28, 2017

The state of Nevada is known for being forgiving to businesses seeking to employ Nevada residents. As a right to work state, it’s recognized for having limited regulations for companies and limited protections for employees to turn to in times of need. Have no fear, if you’re injured or hurt at work in Las Vegas, you may be eligible for Workers Compensation. Workers comp is an area of law that encompasses any injury that occurs to a person while on the job or in the duration of employment in conjunction with work. Traditionally, the employer is considered at fault in cases like this, but the best course of action for the employee is to pursue the Nevada workers compensation system in place. If you think you might be eligible for worker’s comp, the best thing is to find an experienced attorney with a history of helping injured workers get the financial compensation they deserve.

When you’re hurt on the job, your first course of action should be to tell your direct supervisor. Fill out your paperwork, the state issued form (C-1), and then get medical treatment from a medical professional. It’s important to note that because of the way the workers comp law is written, victims are not allowed to pursue charges of pain and suffering, and are limited to seeking compensation for medical bills and lost wages while they are out of work recovering. Plus, every employer in Nevada is required by law to carry liability insurance, and the only way to have complete representation is to work with a local attorney who is part of the Nevada State Bar.

Some of the professions that require workers compensation the most tend to be jobs that require physical labor like mining, construction, or service industry positions. The majority of the jobs in the state are based out of Southern Nevada. So, to file a claim correctly, you need to file with a local attorney who understands workers compensation law and has handled numerous cases. Benson & Bingham are local to Southern Nevada, and have even been voted to best Last Vegas personal injury lawyers. They have years of experience in working on workers comp cases and will fight to make sure you’re not out on the street just because you got injured at work.

Nevada’s workers compensation system is run by the State of Nevada Department of Business & Industry (DIR). While they are usually able to answer your basic procedural questions, they are completely unequipped to be giving you legal advice. For that, you need a professional attorney. For each state, there are different nuances and timelines for how a victim can file to receive compensation after being injured on the job. The state of Nevada has a particularly short timeline, so it’s paramount that anyone who has experienced a work injury act immediately to find a lawyer and get their paperwork filed. Contact Benson and Bingham Attorneys at Law to schedule a free consultation with an experienced, compassionate lawyer and to start moving forward on your Clark County workers compensation claims. What are you waiting for? Call them today!

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