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Henderson Road Gets Many Safety Updates

December 21, 2017
If you're from Southern Nevada, chances are you've frequented Henderson, the neighborhood at the Southeastern side of the Las Vegas Valley. It's an eclectic spot, with a mingling of old and new. Many houses and casinos are located in the region, with plenty of families, businesses, and foot traffic of local Las Vegas people. It's a little oasis for many, away from the Las Vegas strip and the multitudes of tourists that frequent it. The pace seems slower, and at night the residential part is quiet and family friendly. It's a great spot, bisected by a main street that has been there since the development of the Henderson expansion in the 1950's. The street, Water Street to be specific, is the main drag that sees hundreds of cars a day. It's a place that also sees it's fair share of serious injury auto accidents, and was in dire need of safety repairs.

As part of a multi-million dollar renovation project, Water street will be receiving many much needed repairs, which should hopefully help limit the number of Henderson pedestrian deaths and accidents that happen around the area. These repairs are part of a larger project, which has been dubbed the Downtown Complete Streets Project. The Downtown Complete Street Project actually started in March of this year, and encompasses much needed maintenance to many places in the Henderson Business District, mostly for roadways and utility infrastructure. The project also aims to update many other major streets in the Henderson area, including some more dangerous spots such as Pacific Avenue, Market Street, Army Street, Navy Street, Marine Street, Purple Heart Street, Panama Street and Atlantic Avenue. A spokeswoman for the Las Vegas and Henderson Downtown Complete Streets project, named Kathleen Richards assured reporters that progress is going well. She says that they're on track to complete the project by early spring, sometime around March of next year. Improvements to Water Street include pavement rehabilitation, which should help Las Vegas locals who walk around that area not be hit by a car and become injured. They're also updating sidewalks and crosswalks, to limit Southern Nevada pedestrian fatalities, and enhancing Water Street with bike lanes, which should help decrease Las Vegas bicycle injuries and deaths. They are also improving street lighting on Water Street, which could help decrease Clark County motor vehicle accidents and motorcycle crashes in Henderson. 

There will need to be some road closures on Water Street and some potential construction around the area between now and next March when the Downtown Complete Street Project will reach it's conclusion. These closures are planned to take place at night, to limit the inconvenience that closing such a major Henderson road might cause on drivers and pedestrians trying to travel that way.  On the bright side, once this Nevada public safety project is done, the areas close to the Henderson Municipal buildings and court, the Henderson City Hall, and many other small businesses will be safer and more accessible to all Las Vegas locals and visitors. 

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