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Five Las Vegas Locals Displaced Due to Apartment Fire

February 05, 2018
House an residential fires seem to be an especially frequent occurrence in Las Vegas. There is almost a new report by a local news outlet in Southern Nevada discussing the particular details of yet another Clark County residential or casino fire every week, and it's downright alarming. Sometime the apartment fire and explosions happen in Henderson, a township that's directly adjacent to Las Vegas that is to many residents in the area. Sometimes the reports are of a Las Vegas Strip casino fire that endangers local residents and visiting tourists alike. Or, perhaps the report will be details of major property damage incurred at a large Summerlin home that's damaged by smoke and fire. Regardless if the fire is in Henderson, Summerlin, North Las Vegas, or on the Las Vegas Strip, you can bet that the blog here at Benson and Bingham will cover the incident in it's entirety and offer potential solutions to the victims of any Southern Nevada burn injury or residential fire. We're passionate about keeping members of our community here in Clark County connected to the resources available to them, and want to be sure that precautions set forth by the Red Cross are being followed. These guidelines for fire-preparedness are hosted on another part of our site, and we encourage every reader here to read the outline in it's entirety and practice safe practices to prevent serious Las Vegas apartment fires. For anyone who still ends up hurt or displaced due to a burn or explosion in Southern Nevada, Benson and Bingham have the knowledge and resources that you need to determine if you have grounds to pursue compensation in or out of court. Get treated by a credible doctor and then call the law firm with your case.

Just a couple of days ago, on a sleepy Sunday early morning in Las Vegas, yet another Clark County apartment fire broke out. The time of the Las Vegas residential fire resulting in injuries and property damage was just before 5 in the morning. The first emergency staff to show up to help out were the fine folks from Las Vegas Fire and Rescue, and they arrived at the home fire around 5:01 in the morning. When first responders, most likely firefighters from Las Vegas Fire and Rescue got to the residence, they found thick black smoke billowing out of a single-story home that had been clearly broken into two apartments.  The apartment fire in Southern Nevada was on the 1900 block of D Street, close to the downtown district of old Las Vegas. Between the two apartments, there were five residents in total who were displaced by the house fire. By the time the firefighters with the Las Vegas Fire and Rescue department arrived at the scene, all of the residents of the two apartments had left. One Las Vegas local man had to be rushed to University Medical Center to be treated for injuries related to exposure and inhalation of smoke. The other Southern Nevada residents that were connected to this residential fire were only impacted by minor injuries. Right now, the estimated costs to fix all of the property damage caused by the fire is hovering around twenty-five thousand dollars. The cause of this Las Vegas apartment fire resulting in injuries is still under heavy investigation by Las Vegas Fire and Rescue and other authorities, as they have informed the press that the usual cause for a fire like this, something to do with an electrical fire, can't possibly be the cause of this incident. This home, unfortunately, did not have a hookup to electricity at the time of the fire.

Treatments for injuries related to burns or explosions can be painful, debilitating, and extremely complex. That's why you need an attorney who will advocate on your behalf, who understands the complicated nature of medical expenses related to accidents and injuries. Benson and Bingham fit that bill because they've managed many cases like this before. If you're hurt in a residential fire in Southern Nevada and you believe someone else is at fault, contact Benson and Bingham today! They're the best Las Vegas accident and injury attorneys in town who are dedicated to serving our community.


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