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Firefighters Respond to Las Vegas Casino Fire

January 23, 2018
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Although many Las Vegas casinos and resorts see a decline in visitors staying and frequenting their locations this time of year, that doesn't mean that the action has died down. The strip may be slow, but that doesn't mean the need for finding a good lawyer who specializes in hotel claims has decreased. There are so many types of accident and injury that can happen on the premises of a Southern Nevada hotel, casino, or resort. Benson and Bingham have worked on many casino related accident and injury cases, and have sued almost every resort on the Las Vegas Strip. For local Nevada residents to tourists visiting from all over the world, there's no telling what might happen to you when you visit a casino or hotel in Clark County. Some of the frequent casino or hotel accident and injuries are guests suffering from getting hurt after slipping and falling (often taking place around a casino or hotel pool), bites related to bedbugs, assault and battery, and contracting food-borne illness from one of these resorts many restaurants, cafes, or room service. A lot can go wrong on a seemingly harmless visit to one of these properties, and when it does, hotel staff are trained to minimize your experience and make you feel like you have no recourse. At Benson and Bingham, we want you to know that even as a patron of a major business like a hotel or a casino, you do have rights. Even if you are someone from out of town and not a native of Nevada, Benson and Bingham can still bring you justice after something unexpected happens on your visit to the Las Vegas Strip.

In the instance we are about to recount, someone could have been badly injured at a major hotel in Las Vegas. Just this week, firefighters from the Clark County Fire Department were asked to respond to a fire taking place in a room at a Clark County hotel and casino. The call took place around 5 in the morning, and the fire itself was located in the trashcans of one of the workspaces. The casino and hotel the Clark County Fire Department provided assistance to was the Westgate, located on the 3000 block of Paradise Road. Although reports of the fire indicate the incident was contained to one "smoldering trashcan", it could have quickly become a much more serious situation with hotel guests and patrons being hurt in a Las Vegas casino fire. The Deputy Chief of the Clark County Fire Department was the representative on-hand who gave details to reporters on this potential Southern Nevada casino injury, and he assured everyone that no one was hurt in this particular Clark County resort fire. By half past 5am, there was only one fire truck remaining at the scene of the incident. 

Although there were no hotel or casino injuries in the situation outlined above, that doesn't mean that they are an infrequent occurrence in Nevada. Many people get hurt on the Las Vegas Strip each year, and most have no idea where to turn or what to do next. When an individual is hurt on the premises of a major resort, the staff will often rush them to an in-house clinic owned by the hotel for immediate treatment. Often, the casino will absorb the costs of that initial medical attention but will leave their patient high and dry without help after they leave the property to go back home. This is problematic, because recovery from injury isn't just a one time thing. Some people need surgery or time off from work, but can't afford the medical bills. If you or someone you care about has been hurt in an accident at a casino in Las Vegas, contact Benson and Bingham. You could be entitled to compensation for your injuries, and you deserve to have the best lawyers in Las Vegas on your case when you face off against the major resorts or casinos. These business don't have your best interests at heart, but Benson and Bingham do. Reach out with the details of your case, and they'll schedule you a free consultation right away.

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