Fatal Motorcycle Accidents in Clark County High This Year

December 13, 2013


Motorcycle accidents in Clark County are on the rise this year, especially fatal ones. This is a terrible tragedy for the people involved in the accidents and their families. While we have had one month this year where no one died in a motorcycle accident in Southern Nevada, June, there have been over 30 fatal crashes in the rest of the year. What do you do as a motorcycle rider if you’re injured in an accident, or a loved one is killed? There are many legal hurdles to jump through, from medical bills to settling estates and making funeral arrangements. The last thing you want to think about at times like that is money, but you need it to pay for all of this, plus the time lost from work and life that you must spend either recuperating from your injury if you were hurt in the accident, or grieving and dealing with the affairs of the deceased if it was your loved one. In either case, you need a top motorcycle accident attorney in Las Vegas like Benson & Bingham’s lawyers. Contact us today for a free consultation.

A recent article talked at length about some of the causes of these accidents, and some of the things you can do to prevent them. Driving defensively, always assuming that the other vehicle doesn’t see you and is going to cut you off or otherwise impede your path are good starts, as is obeying the rules of the road and not speeding in Las Vegas or driving recklessly. Here, though, is where we take issue with what a Las Vegas Police Captain is quoted as saying in the article: “if the motorcyclist is obeying the rules of the road, he is probably going to be OK.” This is just blatantly false, as so many victims in motorcycle crashes in Southern Nevada can attest to. Many, many times the other driver is at fault. Perhaps they are the one who is going too fast, or change lanes without looking, or make a left hand turn across the motorcycle’s path. In many cases, the driver of the vehicle is negligent, not the motorcyclist, which can be a type of wrongful death lawsuit in Las Vegas. Whatever the case, you cannot take this captain’s word: even if you’re obeying all the rules of the road, that is often not enough. Benson & Bingham’s Attorneys know when you have a case to pursue for compensation if this happens, and can get you what you need to move on with your life. We have done it before for many clients, and can help you, too. Contact Benson & Bingham today for a free consultation.

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