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Boating Accidents Spike on Lake Mead Over Labor Day

August 26, 2017
Summer is drawing to a close and Labor Day is almost upon on. With a three-day weekend and the hot summer months coming to an end, lots of Southern Nevada locals will be headed to Lake Mead to enjoy the sun, the beach, and the water sports. While many people go out to experience other people's boats and water skis, just as many people own their own. Unfortunately, some weekend excursions aren't so carefree. With Labor Day bringing more people to Southern Nevada and heightened boat traffic on Lake Mead Recreational waterways, it's especially important to practice safe boating and know what to do if you or someone n your family is involved in a boating accident.

Because boating accidents spike during holiday weekends, Labor Day can be an especially dangerous time to be out on the water. Just this summer, there was a boating accident fatality that took place on Lake Mohave. The Las Vegas boating accident happened on a Saturday earlier in the summer, a little after 2 in the afternoon, with National Park Service Officials receiving a call shortly after. The victim of the boating accident was in the water and was a male. According to witnesses of this fatal crash, an operator of a speedboat accidentally put the boat in reverse and accelerated, running over the victim and killing him. Representatives from both the Nevada Department of Wildlife and Arizona Fish and Game Department arrived on the scene and pronounced the boating accident victim dead immediately upon arrival. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Dive Team was also called to Lake Mohave to assist in recovering the victim's body. The Mohave County Medical Examiner was required to provide an identification on the body and to confirm the cause of death.

Las Vegas and Henderson have a close proximity to Lake Mead, which means that many of our residents have the possibility to be involved in a boating accident. Although boating safety isn't covered as much in the media, it's still a serious concern and should be adhered to while you're out on the water. Boaters and swimmers die every year, sometimes from outright carelessness, and sometimes from operating a boat or jet ski after indulging in alcohol or other substances. Practicing safe boating and knowing a good lawyer when things become dangerous is your best option. Benson and Bingham Attorneys at Law are experienced boating accident lawyers who understand the specific ins and outs for these unique cases. When it comes to boating accident injury or fatalities, liability is usually really easy to prove. The biggest issue for individuals who suffer from this type of accident is frequently insurance. Obtaining boat and watercraft insurance is a lengthy and challenging process if you're lucky enough to even find a provider who offers it. It's important you get a lawyer who will look into every aspect of your case, even review the records from Nevada Department of Wildlife or from other officials on the scene. Benson and Bingham will leave no stone unturned. If you decide to go out to one of Las Vegas's many lakes or recreational areas next weekend, remember, Benson and Bingham are there to give you peace of mind if a boating accident happens. 

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