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Bill Moves Forward that Could Increase Marijuana DUI Accidents in Nevada

April 16, 2017

We are continuing to closely track all proposed legislation that would affect victim’s rights and personal injury law in Nevada. The Nevada Legislature is in session, as of course you know they are every other year for a 120 day period of time. Now, it often adds another day or more in special session either directly after a regular session or randomly throughout the other 5/6 of the time when the legislature is not normally in session. We digress a little from our discussion of personal injury law in Nevada, but regular readers of this blog know that that is coming, and hopefully appreciate some of the information and sometimes even humor in our tangents. We promise, and again, regular readers knew we were about to come here, the point is soon to be made clear, the place where the specific timing and news from the legislative session would intersect with some of the best personal injury lawyers in Nevada. Of course part of the truth is that you do not get to be in that listing without having a very good handle on the latest laws which may impact people injured in an accident and their ability to collect damages.

So, without further ado, the bill and the issue we are following is public marijuana consumption, and a law allowing for local governments to permit such activities. Why we are following it is that driving under the influence or DUI crashes and injuries in Nevada are numerous enough as it is. We see people come through our offices every day who have been injured by a DUI driver in Nevada or had a loved one killed in a DUI accident in Nevada. Public marijuana consumption, it is not hard to imagine, would lead to more people getting in cars to return from such events and driving under the influence. More driving under the influence of marijuana potentially more crashes, injuries, and deaths on the roads. The way in which marijuana DUI is measured is the subject of debate as well, complicating a civil case (as most personal injury in Nevada law is) for damages after an accident.

Benson & Bingham Attorneys at Law are closely following all changes to marijuana laws that could affect a marijuana DUI injury accident case in Nevada. We would not be some of the best Las Vegas DUI injury lawyers around if we did not follow every law coming out of the legislature as well as any notable updates to case law and recent rulings. Benson & Bingham’s lawyers always know the latest legal precedent and work with the best legal experts and witnesses to get you the best settlement possible or win you a jury decision if it comes to that. Our marijuana DUI injury lawyers in Downtown Las Vegas, Henderson, and Summerlin offer free consultations to anyone who believes they have been injured because of someone else’s actions or negligence. We will get the appropriate attorney, depending on what type of injury and from what type of accident and therefore what type of experience. They will sit with you for a free initial consultation to determine if you have good cause to move forward with legal action to recover compensation from a marijuana DUI injury accident in Nevada, or any other type of personal injury or the death of a loved one in a Nevada accident.

What pieces of info are needed for looking at this issue on your own? You could probably use the Nevada Legislature bill number for this: SB 236 for public consumption of marijuana at businesses and special events, that’s the main one we think could lead to additional marijuana DUI injury accident cases in Nevada. Keep an eye out for more blogs on this, and other top Nevada legal news coming out of the legislative session.