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Another Las Vegas Pedestrian Crash, Death

April 21, 2017

A Las Vegas pedestrian crash killed a woman yesterday and remains under investigation. The accident occurred late last night, on April 20th. The police have said that the time of the accident was 10:30 in the evening. The crash occurred on West Spring Mountain road, close to the intersection of South Stober Boulevard. The accident reportedly occurred mid block, and not in a marked intersection or crosswalk. This is just down the street from the Spring Oaks Shopping Center, a little to the west of Chinatown Plaza. The woman killed was a 57 year old who lived in Las Vegas. Her name has not yet been released by the Clark County Coroner. Names of persons killed in Las Vegas pedestrian crash cases are usually not released until at least the next of kin has been notified. The man who was driving the vehicle was a 27 year old male from Las Vegas, driving a 200 Pontiac Grand Am.

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This Las Vegas pedestrian crash, at least according to the Las Vegas Metro Police news release in that link, does not show any initial indications that the driver was at fault. The press release states that deceased was reportedly crossing in the middle of a block and not in a marked crosswalk. It also states that the driver of the vehicle which struck the pedestrian did not appear to be impaired. The driver also did not flee the scene, but stayed and cooperated with police. While these pieces of information may indicate that the pedestrian was at fault, it is far too early to jump to that conclusion. The family of this person killed in a Las Vegas pedestrian crash should talk to an attorney to help them understand their legal options, and investigate further if needed. Speed could have been a factor, and so many other things, that could have caused this death to be the fault of the driver, or someone or something other than the pedestrian. Even if it looks like the pedestrian was at fault, the family owes it to themselves to at least have a free consultation with a lawyer.

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